1-on-1 Tutoring

GMAT Amsterdam offers 1-on-1 tutoring for the quantitative section and verbal section of the GMAT. These lessons are often used in combination with a prep course, so that broad knowledge is acquired before tackling more specific issues.

Taking 1-on-1 classes has several benefits:

  • Your progression can be monitored closely.
  • You can address very specific questions.
  • You can ask for a tailor-made study program.
  • You can schedule your classes at convenient times.
  • You will have a better idea whether or not you’re ready for the GMAT.

1-on-1 preparation is available for the price of 75 euro per hour (or 59 euro per hour for students). The location of the classes can be anywhere, provided that it is convenient for both you and the instructor. We can always host the classes at one of our teaching locations.

If you are interested, please fill in the contact form or contact us at info@gmatamsterdam.com. Please provide a request for a number of hours, the timespan you have in mind, the subjects you want to take, and your contact details. We will give you a call to discuss details and finalize an agreement.

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