When to pick the Bootcamp over the Quant and Verbal courses?

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At GMAT Amsterdam we offer a variety of courses. Because your GMAT score will be defined by how well you perform on the Quantitative and Verbal sections of the GMAT, the focus during the courses will be on those sections.

Why follow a course?

There are many reasons to follow a course. One of the main reasons is, that according to information of the GMAC, more than 50% of those who score higher than 500 on the GMAT sought professional help. Besides that, the amount of study material and skills that you have to master can be overwhelming. A course enables you to create order in the chaos. Systematically you will gain knowledge about the different subjects and you will adopt the required skills. In addition to that, during the courses of GMAT Amsterdam, you will learn how to adopt a time management strategy; this might be the hardest aspect to master when studying by yourself.

The Bootcamp in a nutshell

The Bootcamp is a four-day course, which will be taught during two weekends. During this course you will get an abbreviated version of the theoretical explanation  provided by one of our experienced tutors before starting practicing questions. The Bootcamp is a course which focusses on practicing with GMAT questions in timed sets. In this way, you will get a clear insight on which subject you already master, and which subjects still need some improvement.

Quantitative, Verbal and Bootcamp combined

For some students, it might be best to combine the essential courses (Verbal and Quantitative) with the Bootcamp. During the essential courses, the main focus will be on the theoretical explanation. Besides that, you will extensively practice with questions. when you have not studied much yet, this theoretical explanation is an essential part of your preparation on the GMAT. Even though this is a solid foundation when working towards a 550-600 score, there are students who wish to practice more or who aim for a higher GMAT score. For these people, it is essential to follow the Bootcamp as well.

Solely the Bootcamp

As is earlier mentioned, the Bootcamp is designed for people who have already studied a lot and who aim for a higher score. If this is the case, or when you have a background in mathematics, following the Bootcamp without participating in the Verbal and Quantitative course, might be sufficient. There is time reserved for a general explanation of the GMAT’s difficulties. Besides that, you will discuss the best time management strategies. Even though it sounds like this course completely prepares you for obtaining a high score on the GMAT, you must keep in mind that it is fundamental that you put in a lot of effort on your own. Do so by studying the theory and practicing with questions: The more you will practice, the higher you will score on the GMAT.

Are you not sure about which courses suit your situation best? Give GMAT Amsterdam a call at +31 20 2600 110, or send a mail to info@gmatamsterdam.com. We will gladly advise you on how to prepare on the GMAT. Interested in the time and dates of our courses? Click on this link.

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