The different types of learning environments when preparing for the GMAT

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There is a variety of study environments from which you can choose. Therefore, it is important that you know in which place you will get motivated to start studying. That is why we take a look at the different places where you can study in this weeks’ blog.

At home

Some people prefer to study at home. The books that you need are within reach and you have a good wi-fi signal to look something up on the internet. If you need guidance when studying at home, you can always look for help online. There are a lot of discussion groups which A disadvantage of studying at home is the number of possible distractions. For example, you can be easily tempted to turn on the television.

On the road

Nowadays everybody has a laptop, an iPad or another mobile device. This makes it even more convenient to learn while on the road. When you commute by train, you can spend your time efficiently by learning for the GMAT.

In a professional environment

The last option is in a professional environment. The courses of GMAT Amsterdam are taught in small classrooms. Because the groups are small and because we encourage interaction, it is not possible to not pay attention. Besides, that would be a waste of your money. To perform well during the courses you need to be well prepared. That is why you have to make homework in preparation of every class. As a result, you will be studying on a regular base for multiple weeks.

At a university or library

At a university or at a library you can study in silent rooms. This is perfect if you can not find a quiet place at home. There are always other people studying in those places, so there is a form of social control. If you see those other people studying, you get motivated to put in some work yourself. If you prefer a little bit of background noise, there is also plenty of spots that you can find at a university or at a library.

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