The first GMAT study phase: preparation

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When you have chosen to start a business (pre) master or MBA, your preparation for the GMAT exam will start. The preparations on the GMAT will go in different phases which will all be discussed in different blogposts. In this weeks blog we will explain you everything about the first phase; the preparations on the study for the GMAT.

Choosing a university

First of all it is important to decide what study programme you want to follow and on which university you would like to do this. This choice doesn’t has to be a permanent one yet, but it is important to find out everything about the programmes you are interested in. The admission requirements differ for every study programme. Make sure you know the minimum score you will need to get admitted at the study programme of your choice and find out when you will have to hand in your GMAT scores. Take into account that it can take 20 days for the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) to send you your official scores.

What does the GMAT test look like?

It is important to know what test components there are in the GMAT test and which of these components you will have to make on the exam. When taking the GMAT, you at least have to make the Quantitative- and Verbal sections; your prestation on these GMAT components will define your total GMAT score. For some study programmes, especially the mba’s, you will also have to make the Analytical Writing Assessment and the Integrated Reasoning sections. When you don’t have to make these extra GMAT sections you can just skip these components while making the GMAT.

What skills will I have to master?

For the GMAT exam it is important to learn some basic skills and how the GMAT questions will be like. It is wise to find out what basic skills these are before starting to study for the exam, in this way you will get more insights in the quantity of the study material and you will find out what GMAT components you already master.

Make a study plan

 Now that you know what you will have to study, it is time to make a preparation plan. We advise you to count back from the date you will have to hand in your official scores. Start with 20 days before you receive the GMAT results. Count 16 days extra in case you will have to take a re-exam. Depending on how intensive you want to study for the GMAT, you will have to decide how much time you will take for your preparations. Our advise is to spread out 100 to 200 study hours over a period of  a minimum of two months. Taking everything together it is wise to take four months for you preparations and taking the GMAT exam.

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