The fourth GMAT study phase: The actual GMAT exam

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Now that you know how to solve all of the GMAT problems, and that you have a time management strategy, it is time for the real deal: you will take the GMAT exam. You might have been looking forward to this date for a couple of months, so it is not unusual that you feel a bit nervous. To release a bit of the pressure, we provide a few useful tips in this weeks’ blog.

Practical information

You can sign up for the GMAT exam at, this is the official site of the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC). Keep in mind that it costs $250 to take the GMAT. If you did not get a sufficient score, you can choose to delete your score. It is no longer possible for anyone to see this score. If you want to resit the GMAT, you have to wait for 16 days before you can take it again. It is possible to take the GMAT five times a year, and eight times in total. But preferably, you should aim to get a sufficient score on the first try.

GMAT test locations

Even though you might expect that you can only take the GMAT in one location, this is not the case. In the Netherlands alone it is possible to take the test in four different locations. Two of these test locations are in Amsterdam. The two remaining locations are located in Utrecht. When you click on this link, you can find the exact locations of the test centres.

During the GMAT exam

In total, the GMAT exam takes three and a half hours. During the exam, there are two breaks of exactly eight minutes. It is not allowed to bring anything to the exam. So you have to take the GMAT without the help of a calculator. The only thing that you are allowed to use is the notepad. This looks like a mini whiteboard, on which you can make notes and wipe them out afterwards. You can purchase one at GMAT Amsterdam to get familiar with using one.

Will you take the GMAT in the near future, but are you uncertain if you are completely ready to take the test? Contact GMAT Amsterdam by clicking on this link. We are happy to give you personal advice on how to take the last steps towards your desired score.

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