What is the free introduction lesson like?

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Every month GMAT Amsterdam offers a free introduction lesson. In this way, we aim to give guidance to students who are at the very beginning of their preparation for the GMAT. In the blog post of this week, we give you some insight on what to expect during the free introduction lesson.

Practical introduction about the GMAT

The beginning of the lesson focusses on providing practical information about the GMAT. We explain which sections the GMAT consist of, how long it takes to finish the test, and what the costs are. There is a lot of information available about the GMAT, of which we give you a comprehensive summary. Most importantly we explain exactly what it is that makes the GMAT such a difficult test.

Practicing GMAT questions

Because most students are highly interested in the kind of questions they will face during the GMAT, we spend most of the time practicing with them. After giving an introduction about which types of questions you will come across, our experienced tutor provides practice questions. After you have tried to solve them, our tutor will explain how you solve each kind of question in the best way possible. If you want to ask something about the practice questions you can do so, there is enough time and interaction is stimulated.

Preparation plan

At the end of the free introduction lesson, our tutor gives you an insight into what a preparation plan should look like. He also explains which books you can use during the different stages of your preparation. Finally, the tutor gives an introduction to the courses that we offer. Are you curious which course suits your situation best? Contact GMAT Amsterdam! We can give you personal advice on how to prepare for the GMAT.

Live stream

Recently we started streaming our free introduction lesson. So now it is possible to follow the lesson from your couch at home, the train or wherever you like. You do have to subscribe for this stream since there are a limited amount of spots.

Do you want to follow the free introduction lesson? Take a look at our schedule and subscribe for one of our upcoming lessons.

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