You will need a decent set of GMAT books for your preparation. There are basically two categories of study materials 1) GMAT books that contain practice questions and 2) GMAT books that contain theoretical explanations. Most GMAT books contain at least a little bit of both but focus on one of the two. Below we discuss the different GMAT books and the differences between them.

The official guides

The Official Guides – best study materials for practice questions

Our core philosophy: use official GMAT questions only! There is nothing better than the real deal. Real GMAT questions can be found in the Official Guides for GMAT Review written by the GMAC (Graduate Management Admission Council), the publisher of the GMAT. There are thousands of real GMAT questions available from the GMAC, so it’s unlikely that you will ever run out. Imitation questions are not quite the same, so why settle for anything less?
These books also contain a very brief summary of the theory but you must understand that it is not meant to teach you GMAT test-taking strategy. There are three official study guides:

  • Official Guide for GMAT Review 2018
  • Official Guide for GMAT Quantitative Review 2018
  • Official Guide for GMAT Verbal Review 2018

Manhattan Strategy Guides

The Manhattan Strategy Guides

Note that you will need more than just the Official Guides for a proper GMAT preparation. The questions themselves are fantastic, but these materials do not teach you how to get better at taking the GMAT. We advise you to get the Manhattan GMAT Strategy Guides, in addition to the Verbal course and the Quantitative course. These guides offer a very thorough explanation of all the GMAT sections.

Buy-and-sell-back program 

For participants of our courses we offer a buy-and-sell-back program for Manhattan Strategy Guides. Buy the Manhattan Quant Set for the price of €110.00, and sell it back to us for €55.00 after you used it.

GMAT writing pad

GMAT writing pad

When you take the actual GMAT in a test center, you will not be allowed to use pen and paper. Instead, you are required to use a water-based maker and a plasticized writing pad. This is something you have to get used to so we advise to practice with this special writing pad.

GMAT Writing Pad