What course do i need?

The GMAT is not just about your mathematical skills or your level of English. It mainly focuses on reasoning skills. Therefore, our courses are designed to make you understand the logic behind GMAT problems. The courses and our additional services will help you with your preparation for the GMAT exam, by providing all the theory and tips and tricks that you need to get the score you are aiming for.

Below you will be given an overview of the different phases in GMAT preparation and the corresponding courses. The phases are Orientation, (the improvement of) Basic Skills, (the development of) GMAT skills and Optimization.

Since every situation is different, your preparation timeline could vary based on your background, time and goals. If you would like to know which courses suit you best, please contact us for a free personal advice.

Phase 0 - Orientation

About the phase

In this phase you haven’t started your GMAT preparation yet. It’s important to learn about the GMAT, the skills that are assessed and how the test works. It’s equally important to determine the application deadline and the minimum required score of your university of choice. During this phase, you will have to determine your study strategy and make a studyplan.

Recommended course

Free introduction class

A free 2-hour introduction class to kickstart your GMAT preparation

Phase I - Basic skills

About the phase

As mentioned earlier, the GMAT mainly focusses on reasoning skills. Nevertheless it is impossible to solve GMAT problems without having the right level of English and math skills. Therefore in the first phase of your preparation, you should focus on your basic skills, such as math rules, question formats and grammar.

Recommended course

Basic math course

A 6-hour course, covering the math basics that you need to know.

Take our Free Basic Math pre-test to determine your level.

Phase II - GMAT skills

About the phase

When your basic skills are on the right level, it’s time to work on your GMAT skills. In this phase you will have to learn how to apply theory, how to analyze problems and develop the right test strategy. During this period you will have to focus on improving your higher reasoning skills and time-management. If you are looking for an overview of the theory and are ready to learn how to solve GMAT problems, the Quantitative en Verbal course (also referred to as the ‘Essential courses’) are the perfect fit for you.

Recommended courses

GMAT Quantitative course
This 20-hour course covers all the GMAT Quantitative subjects. Try this course for free!

GMAT Verbal Course
This 10-hour course covers all the GMAT verbal subjects. Try this course for free!

Phase III - Optimization

About the phase

Knowing the theory and being able to solve GMAT problems doesn’t necessarily mean that you will reach the GMAT score you need. It takes a lot of practise (and review) to optimize your score. Therefore, in this phase of your preparation, the emphasis will be on fine-tuning your skills and working out your time management strategy.

Recommended courses

GMAT Bootcamp 
The best way to optimize your skills and score, is by practising with blind reviews and timed sets. This method is extensively discussed and practised in our GMAT Bootcamp, which is also a great choice when you need to improve your skills in a short amount of time, or when you need a high GMAT score (650+).

Free Self study course
This class covers the basics of the method that is used in the Bootcamp, and is a good starting point for your self study.