GMAT preparation for MBA

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MBA admission counsels can be fierce, the competition will be stiff and the GMAT score you need to achieve is most likely pretty high. GMAT preparation for MBA certainly isn’t a walk in the park. However, a little more insight in the GMAT exam and what admission counsels will look at, could help you understand what to focus on while preparing.

Aim for your highest possible GMAT score 

The maximum score possible to achieve on the GMAT exam is 800. However, universities and business schools usually set a minimum required GMAT score, which (up until now) hasn’t reached 800 anywhere yet. Some institutions might set a minimum required GMAT score of 550 for example. This does not mean you should aim for such a score. Always aim for the highest possible score that you can achieve. If all applicants for a certain master program score 550, nobody will have a real advantage. And that’s what you should go for, a GMAT score that makes you stand out above the competition.

Well-balanced GMAT scores

Your GMAT score is not a full representative of your GMAT exam. The score you receive is merely based on the Quantitative and Verbal section of the exam. For the other sections, the Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA) and Integrated Reasoning (IR) section you will receive a different score. The AWA score will range between zero and six, with a half-point interval rate. The IR section has a score result that varies between one and eight, with an interval in whole-points. It’s important to know that there are institutions that like to see a well-balanced GMAT score by applicants. This means they don’t want you to just get a high GMAT score, but also to perform well on the AWA and IR section of the GMAT exam.


Practice required GMAT skills 

You might think you only need to develop your skills to perform on the GMAT exam, but a lot of people tend to forget that there is a reason that certain master- or MBA-programs set a minimum required GMAT score. This is meant to prepare you for the tough study program that is ahead of you. But you also practice required GMAT skills to prepare you for a future career in business.

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