GMAT Official Guide 2018 update

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The GMAT Official Guide is part of the study material that can be used during your preparation for the GMAT exam. It is a very useful book and in our eyes it is even an essential part of your preparation. The Official Guide contains 900 previous exam questions. The Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) has updated the GMAT Official Guide in cooperation with Wiley, and presented the GMAT Official Guide 2018 series. In this week’s blog we will describe the essence of the GMAT Official Guide and the adjustments in this new book compared to the Official Guide 2017.

The essence of the GMAT Official Guide

The GMAT Official Guide 2018 consists of both questions and answers that reflect all the different questions on the GMAT exam. The questions start out easy, but will become harder to solve as you progress. All these questions were previously used in GMAT exams, which makes the GMAT Official Guide the best book to practise with. 900 practise questions sound like a lot, however, if you are really serious about the GMAT and if you are planning to practise a lot it might be wise to use the Official Set to prepare for your exam. The Official Set contains the Official Guide and offers two additional books, for both the Quantitative and the Verbal section. These books contain an additional 300 questions and answers.

 What’s new?

The 2018 version of the Official Guide is amplified with 15 percent of new content. The book includes 900 practice questions, explanations and answers. 122 of these questions  haven’t appeared in any GMAT study guide before. The aforementioned 122 practice questions are equally divided in 61 Verbal- and 61 Quantitative questions. Another part of the book contains a diagnostic test with100 questions. This test will help you indicate the sections that are problematic for you, so you can improve your skills.

Online resources

In addition to the book, you will be given access to the online question bank. Here you will be able to practice with the same questions as those that are given with the book.  The biggest addition to the book is that you will be able to create your own practice exam. This allows you to focus on the sections of the test that you are having difficulties with.

The GMAT Official Guide- and Set 2018 series is now available in our webshop


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