The consequences of having to take the GMAT multiple times

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Some do not reach their desired score on the GMAT in one try. As a result, they have to resit the test. In this weeks’ blog, we explain why this does happen so often. Besides that, we explain the consequences of taking the GMAT multiple times.

Why do people have to take the GMAT multiple times?

First of all, the GMAT is quite a difficult test. The GMAT is not just an exam for which you learn a certain amount of theories and you will automatically pass. Instead, the exam tests your ability of higher reasoning. They do so with questions that do require some skills. These skills can be gathered by studying by yourself. But, improving your higher reasoning skills is harder. A way to improve these skills is by following a course at GMAT Amsterdam. Our tutors, who have extensive experience in solving GMAT problems, help you recognize and solve the specific GMAT questions you will encounter. Getting comfortable with GMAT questions on your own can be difficult. That is why over 50% of whom obtain a score higher than 550 acquired professional help, according to  GMAC.

Now that you know why people fail to get their desired score, it is time to name the two main consequences.

1. Extra costs

As you might already know, taking the GMAT exam costs $250. If you need multiple tries to reach your desired score, the costs will rise exponentially. That is why your preparation on the GMAT should always aim towards obtaining the required score on the first try.

3. Missing your deadline

Each university, and sometimes even programmes, have their own admission date. If you have to make the GMAT multiple times, the result might be that you miss this date. If you want to prevent this, it is wise to make a study plan. Start counting backward from the final admission date. Subtract 20 days for receiving your official score. For the sake of certainty, it is wise to deduct 16 days in case you do need a resit. We advise to spend about two months on studying for the GMAT. Now you know when you ultimately have to start studying.

Do you need advice on how to make your own study plan? Feel free to contact GMAT Amsterdam, we are glad to give your personal advice on how to prepare for the GMAT.

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