University of applied sciences (HBO) students: Which literature to use?

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Many students decide to continue studying after graduating from a university of applied sciences (HBO). When they apply for a (pre)master’s programme, these students usually need to obtain a sufficient GMAT score. After these students start their preparation, they will soon find out that there is a huge amount of literature available. To make it a bit easier, we describe which literature is most suitable for former HBO students.

Basic mathematical skills required for the GMAT

Most HBO studies do not cover the mathematical subjects, which are seen as essential basic knowledge for the Quantitative section. In Dutch high schools, it is possible to choose between Math A and Math B. The majority of former HBO students followed Math A. It is because of these two reasons that former HBO students need to refresh or expand their mathematical knowledge. A great book to do so is Manhattan Foundations of Math. In this book, you will find extensive mathematical explanations and over 900 practice questions.

The theory behind GMAT questions

GMAT questions test your ability of higher reasoning. But, that does not mean that there is knowledge required to solve these questions. The theory behind the required knowledge is usually not taught during HBO studies. That is why you need to study it. For example, a great book to get familiar with algebra (part of the Quantitative section) is the Manhattan Bookset. All other subjects of the Quantitative sections are explained in this bookset as well. If you want to be fully prepared before studying for the Verbal section, it is essential that you possess a comprehensive vocabulary and excellent grammatical knowledge. You can refresh your memory by studying your high school books and by reading English (scientific) literature.

Recognizing- and solving GMAT problems

The most important part of your preparation for the GMAT is getting familiar with GMAT problems. Since the questions on this test are specifically designed for the GMAT, you will need some time to get accustomed to them. You can practice with them by using the Official Guide. When you try to solve these questions, do not only answer them but also try to explain to yourself why any given answer is correct. In this way, you will get to the bottom of the GMAT problem, and you will get the most out of each question.

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