How to improve your focus before the GMAT exam

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To lose your focus during the GMAT exam is something that you definitely want to prevent. That is why we provide you with some tips, to make sure that your focus will be razor sharp during the whole exam.

Practice exams

The GMAT exam takes three and a half hours in total. This is quite a long time, and you have to get used to this. The best way to do so is by making full-length practice exams, which are a good representation of the actual GMAT exam. You can find two of these practice exams on Making practice exams during different stages of your preparation for the GMAT is also a great way to measure your improvement.

Adjust your routine

A couple of weeks before you will take the GMAT exam, it is recommended to adjust your diet a little bit. You can improve your focus by eating the right foods. For example, it is wise to eat foods which are rich in vitamin B and vitamin C. To increase your vitamin B intake you can drink a glass of (soy) milk and eat a slice of whole wheat bread every day. Eat an orange a day to make sure your vitamin C intake is on the right level. In addition, it is wise to make sure that you eat the recommended amount of vegetables and fruit. As a result, you will feel more energetic- and ready for the exam.

Do not change your routine

In contrary to what is stated before, you should not change your routine too much. For example, go to bed at the usual time and eat the same breakfast as you generally do. Adjusting your routine too much will only make you more nervous. In the final hour, before you take the GMAT exam, it is recommended to do something that is not related to the GMAT at all. Instead, you can go for a walk in the park or read your favorite book.

What to do if you do lose your focus?

Suppose: you take all precautionary measures into account, but you still lose your focus during the GMAT exam. What do you do next? There is one simple trick, that hardly fails. It is a simple breathing exercise. Firstly, you breathe in for four seconds. Next, you hold your breath for eight seconds. Finally, exhale for seven seconds. Repeat this trick a couple of times and focus on breathing and counting. After a few times, you can start with solving questions again! There is one note: remind that you have limited time to solve all of the questions. So, do not repeat the exercise endlessly.

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