How to improve your GMAT score?

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It might happen that you do not obtain the GMAT score that you are aiming for on the first try. In this weeks’ blog we will explain to you what you can do to increase your GMAT score after the first try.

Enhanced score report

You will receive your GMAT score directly after finishing the GMAT. Based on how well you perform on the Quantitative- and Verbal sections of the GMAT, you will get a score between 200 and 800. The distribution of how well you have scored is illustrated in the score report, which each participant receives after they have finished the GMAT. But, if you want to have more specific information about how you performed you can request to receive an enhanced score report (ESR). In the ESR you can also see how well you performed in terms of time management. In addition, you can see which questions within the Quantitative- and Verbal sections are still difficult for you. Based on this information,  it will be easier to determine which aspects of the GMAT you will need to improve.

Your new GMAT study plan

Now that you have concluded which aspects need improvement, it is time to make a new study plan. When doing so, it is important to count backward from the date on which you prefer to take the GMAT, because it will help you recognize if you have a shortage of time. It is hard to tell what strategy is best for you. We can help you create a new study plan and are happy to give you advice on how to improve your skills within your personal time frame. Please contact us for free personal advice!

Studying to improve your GMAT score

Now that you have made a new study plan, you can start studying. You might need to read some literature, but the most important thing is to practice with GMAT questions. Depending on the amount of studying that you have already done, you might need some extra study material. You can practice with over 5.500 GMAT questions, by purchasing our online package Besides just practising questions, it is possible to generate your own GMAT exam. You can easily monitor your progression. In this way, you can make sure that you are right on track for the score that you are aiming for.

1-on-1 tutoring

If you still need help with a specific part of the GMAT, it is possible to follow a 1-on-1 session. One of our experienced tutors, which have extensive knowledge in solving GMAT problems, can help you improve your specific difficulties. On this page, you can read more about our 1-on-1 tutoring.

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