The difficulties of taking the GMAT as former HBO student

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After getting their degree at a university of applied sciences (HBO), some students decide to continue studying at a university. The method of studying during an HBO-studies is in some ways different from studying in a university. The former is more practical orientated, whereas the latter is scientific oriented. It is for this reason that these students have to take the GMAT. In this weeks’ blog, we describe which difficulties former HBO-students will face when they take the GMAT. In the end, we will also tell you how to overcome these difficulties.

The type of questions

At last, former HBO students have to get used to the specific kind of questions that are asked on the GMAT. Because they are specifically designed for this test, the students are not familiar with them. For example, to answer data sufficiency questions you do not need to find the right answer. Instead, you need to answer the question:” Do I have enough data to give an answer?” Solving these questions requires a change in approach.

Lack of basic knowledge

There is some basic knowledge, which you need to master before you can solve GMAT questions. Although the theory of the basic knowledge is taught in most universities, this is frequently not the case during HBO-studies. Therefore, these students have to put in a lot of work to attain this knowledge.

The amount of theory

When you start studying for the GMAT, it will not take long before you notice that there is a lot of theory that you need to know. Bachelor’s students from universities are used to this amount of workload. But, this is not the case for HBO students.

The solution to these difficulties

The first solution is to put in a lot of hard work. Start with getting familiar with the theory, and begin with practicing questions as soon as possible. Measure your current level by taking practice exams on a regular base. You can find two of them at The second solution is by following one of our courses. During such a course we help you get familiar with the questions which you will encounter on the GMAT. We explain the theory, and afterward, you will practice with questions and you will discuss the answers. We provide you the best tips and tricks to solve GMAT questions. Are you curious about which course suits you best? Click here and contact us. We will gladly give you free personal advice.

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