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Date Sat 6/3 Sun 7/3 Sat 13/3 Sun 14/3
Time 10.15 – 17.15 10.15 – 17.15 10.15 – 17.15 10.15 – 17.15
Location  Amsterdam  Amsterdam  Amsterdam  Amsterdam

What to expect during the Bootcamp

The Bootcamp is a training of four full days. Three of these days will focus on the Quantitative part of the GMAT exam and during the remaining day the focus will be on the Verbal part.

Every day is divided in sections. During the first section of the day you will start with an interactive lecture in which the tutor covers the theory and goes through some example questions. Afterwards You will practise this subject’s questions in timed sets. After practising, the teacher will discuss the remaining theory and you will practise with new timed sets again. The Bootcamp also helps you to develop a strategy for time management and gives you a structured guidance on how to study after the course. Click here for more information about the Bootcamp.

It is necessary to have the Official Guide when attending the Bootcamp. 

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