Free Introduction 41

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Date  Mon 22/3
Time  19:00 – 21:00
Location  Amsterdam

What to expect during the Free Introduction Lesson

Do you need to take the GMAT but are you unsure where to begin? Or would you like more information about everything the GMAT contains? Then our free introduction lesson is the perfect choice for you.

During this introduction lesson you will learn all the ins and outs that are important to know when starting your GMAT preparation. The lesson starts off with a general introduction of the GMAT such as the setup of the test, its adaptive character, the skills being tested, and how the scoring is established. We will continue with the main part of the session, which consists of practising and discussing actual GMAT problems from the Quantitative and Verbal section. In the last part of the training we will focus on how to prepare best for the test. Of course there’s also room for questions.

At the end of the lesson you will receive a free preparation handout!