GMAT Writing Pad


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GMAT Writing Pad

Identical to the writing pad you will use during the official GMAT exam.

One pen included.

The GMAT writing pad is used during the official GMAT exam. It is a plasticized notepad on which you can scrabble your notes during the exam with a special pen. It is much like a mini whiteboard which you can clean once it’s full. It is designed in such a way to prevent you from taking notes out of the test center. Do not let the exam be your first experience with this writing pad, as it may surprise you in some way. Practising with this replica will give you less distraction and more confidence during the GMAT.

Invest in your exam day preparation! For only €15.00 you can buy the replica of the GMAT writing pad including one pen.

Please note that shipment costs are €8.00. In case of multiple orders at the same time, these costs need only to be paid once.

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