The second GMAT study phase: Studying

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During the first study phase, you have made a decision about which universities you would like to apply for. Each university might require a different GMAT score. That is why you also did research about which skills you need to master to obtain the score that you need. Finally, you put everything together in a study plan. During the second phase, you will carry out this study plan. During this period you do not only have to work hard, but also efficient. In this weeks’ blog, we will explain to you how this works.

Begin with the right GMAT literature

Before you start with practicing with GMAT problems, it is important that you have the right basic knowledge. You can get familiar with the theory by reading the right literature. For this study phase, we recommend the Manhattan Bookset. In these books, you can solely read the mathematical theory which is essential for the quantitative section of the GMAT. When you purchase this book set, you can make use of the special buy-and-sell-back program. In this way, you can get half of your money back.

Getting familiar with the questions

As the questions on the exam are specifically designed for the GMAT, solving these questions might feel a bit strangely in the beginning. For example, there are data sufficiency questions. When you must solve this kind of question, you do not have to solve the whole question, you only have to state if the statements are sufficient to give an answer. Answering these data sufficiency questions asks for a different approach. Therefore, it is desirable to get familiar with them. There are two main ways to do so. We state them below.

Following a course at GMAT Amsterdam

At GMAT Amsterdam we offer a variety of courses. They focus on the Verbal- and Quantitative sections of the GMAT since how well you perform on those two sections will define your score. The courses are taught by experienced tutors, who have extensive experience in solving GMAT problems. The groups are small, which ensures that there is time to ask questions. We would gladly advise you on which courses suit your situation best.

Practicing with the Official Guide

The third way to get familiar with GMAT questions is by practicing with the Official Guide. In our opinion, this is an essential addition to everyone’s preparation. You can practice with 900 retired GMAT questions, and you will get access to the online learning environment. If you want to practice with more GMAT questions, you can purchase the Official Set, in which the Official Guide is included. Be careful if you use these books for their theoretical explanation since it is not comprehensive.

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