All instructors that work for GMAT Amsterdam are experts in the field of the GMAT exam. They have a background in mathematics, physics, management, economics, business or the English language and know how to teach. All instructors know the study materials for the GMAT well and know how to help when students don’t understand certain questions or topics.

Meet our instructors:


Jasper Reinders

My name is Jasper Reinders and I am 32 years old. I studied mathematics and physics at the University of Amsterdam, where I also worked as a teacher for seminars. I am the head instructor of GMAT Amsterdam and developed the study material for all of the different courses. I have been deepening my knowledge about the GMAT in order to be able to help others with this often difficult test. Helping people understand what they first did not understand makes me feel satisfied. We at GMAT Amsterdam are experts in the GMAT; not only in content but also in learning strategies and preparations. With our experience in accompanying students to the GMAT, we learned how to help GMAT participants with their specific preparations.


Iris Huisman

My name is Iris Huisman and I’m 24 years old. I hold a Bachelor’s in Language and Communication and a Master’s in Intercultural Communication. At GMAT Amsterdam, I’m responsible for the contact with clients, organisation of the courses, the development of new ideas and the quality guarantee. I enjoy informing people about the GMAT and giving them personal advice that suits their aims and situation. Knowing that we help people to achieve their best possible GMAT score is what makes my work satisfying to me.


Sybren Woudstra

My name is Sybren Woudstra and I am 32 years old. I have  worked as a GMAT Verbal teacher at GMAT Amsterdam for three years. Because of my interest in language – both structure and content – I like to explain the construction of sentences and texts to others. Helping students find their paths in their career is satisfying for me. That is why I like working for GMAT Amsterdam. Even though the study material stays the same for every course, the different questions and examples from students keep encouraging me to make the study material insightful in different ways. That’s challenging and very interesting! Beside working as a teacher at GMAT Amsterdam, I teach Dutch classes to expats and help international students in their preparations for studying in the Netherlands.


Marco Stoffelen

My name is Marco Stoffelen and I am 31 years old. I hold a Master’s degree in physics and have worked as a teacher at GMAT Amsterdam for five years, after having achieved a 780 score. I also work as a mathematics and physics teacher at an international school in Amsterdam. What I like about teaching is the appreciation you get when you help students understand a problem. That moment when they start understanding what I am trying to explain satisfies me.


Rens Dudink

My name is Rens Dudink. I am 23 years old and I studied mathematics. I have worked as a teacher at GMAT Amsterdam for 3,5 years. Because of my background in mathematics, I feel this job suits me very well. Every student has struggles with a different part of the GMAT, and this makes the classes very diverse. I find it challenging to help as many students as possible.


Youri Steenbergen

I am Youri Steenbergen, 22 years old and I hold a Bachelor’s degree in International Business Administration. I have taken the GMAT in order to do a master in Finance & investments at the Erasmus University and reached a score of 690. It really motivates me to be able to impact people and see them grow. I also find it  interesting to teach students and help them overcome the same difficulties that I had myself during my preparation.


Tom Molenaar

Hi, I am Tom and have been a GMAT instructor since january 2018. I am 23 years old and currently persuing my master in Financial Economics at the Erasmus University. Two years ago I had to do my gmat in order to start my current program and reached a score of 700, which was far better than I initially expected! After holding a volunteer position as a teacher in South America, I wanted to continue teaching in Holland. I enjoy seeing improvements in my students and making them feel more secure about the gmat.

Joanna van Eekelen

My name is Joanna van Eekelen and I am 27 years old. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in English and Spanish linguistics and a Master’s degree in translation studies (Dutch/ English), both of which I took at VU Amsterdam. I have worked as project manager at a language center in Amsterdam for 2,5 years. At GMAT Amsterdam I teach Verbal courses as well as 1-on-1 courses. As a GMAT teacher I love helping students  get the best GMAT score possible. My goal for every single course I teach is making sure students can look back and conclude their knowledge of the English language has increased!


Olivier Teng

Hi, my name is Olivier Teng. I’m 23 years old and currently pursuing a Master in Aerospace engineering. Previously, I was a homework tutor focusing on mainly mathematics and physics. I like solving the Quant problems, and then comparing different methods the students come up with. It’s interesting to see how everyone has different approaches. I like to share my knowledge and appreciate the moment when my students realise it all makes sense.