Which way of studying for the GMAT suits you best?

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When you start your preparation for the GMAT, you have to decide in which learning environment you want to study. Do you prefer to pace your learning process by yourself, or do you prefer it when other stimulate you while studying? In this weeks’ blog post, you can read the advantages of both methods.

Studying at your own pace

Some people who are working fulltime, or who are still in school prefer to pace themselves while studying. They find it hard to find the same time slot every week to study in their busy schedule. Instead, they want to study on their own. You can do so, by practicing with the help of books and practice exams or by following a course.

Books and practice exams

When you use books to prepare yourself for the GMAT, it is important that you pick the right ones. The Manhattan Bookset helps you to understand the required knowledge. With the help of the Official Set, it is possible to practice with a large number of retired GMAT questions. In addition to studying the books, it is essential to make practice exams during the different stages of your preparation. In this way, you get accustomed to GMAT problems and the length of the exam.

Get motivated by others

Some students find it hard to sit behind the desk and motivate themselves. There are simply too many distractions. That is why they prefer to study on a predetermined day every week. A great way to do so is by following a course at GMAT Amsterdam. During such a course you will have classes on a regular base, which obligates you to study regularly. The courses of GMAT Amsterdam are taught by tutors who have extensive experience in solving GMAT problems. If you want to read more about our courses, you can click on this link. You can also contact us. We are happy to give you advice on which courses suit you best.

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