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practical gmat information Feb 22, 2023
Absolute and Percentile score

The GMAT score is an absolute score, but you will also receive a percentile score. The absolute score indicates how you scored compared to the other students that took the test in the last three years. The percentile rank of your score shows you the percentage of tests takers with scores lower than yours.


Every year, each test taker’s score is updated with the most recent year’s percentiles. You can use your percentile score as an indicator on how well you should do for a given target score, compared to all the other test-takers in the world. For example, a total GMAT score of 600 has a percentile ranking of 53%. This means that if you aim for a GMAT score of 600, you need to outperform 53% of the test-takers around the world.

The percentile ranking of the Verbal and Quantitative sections has shown that most test-takers score well on the Quantitative section. On the one hand, this demonstrates the importance of preparing well for the Quantitative part of the test, to ensure that you score high enough on it. On the other hand, it tells you that investing in your preparation for the Verbal section could boost your total score. 

Ultimately, we recommend that you feel comfortable with both sections, Quantitative and Verbal. Therefore, we offer special preparation courses for these sections. The courses of GMAT Amsterdam are taught by tutors who have extensive experience in solving GMAT problems. If you want to read more about our courses, you can click on this link.

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