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About GMAC

The organization behind the GMAT is the GMAC. Their website is www.mba.com, a useful website to learn about all GMAC activities in both past and future.

The GMAC was founded in 1953 by nine business schools. The goal was to create a uniform method of selecting the best students among many applicants: the GMAT test. The predictive validity of the GMAT test has led to great successes, which can be seen in both the growth of the number of schools accepting the exam as a method of selection, and in the growth in the number of test takers.

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GMAC as an organization

The GMAC is a non-profit organization that is involved in many aspects of business school life, next to the GMAT. Among other things, the GMAC provides partner organizations with volume trends, geographic trends, GMAT candidate profiles, and survey results obtained from corporate recruiters surveys, management education graduates surveys, prospective student surveys, and alumni surveys.

All of this makes the GMAC a very big organization in worldwide management education. This is also shown by numerous grants given to students around the world, and by volunteering both time and money to initiatives improving management education.

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