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About GMAT Amsterdam

GMAT courses in Amsterdam & Rotterdam

We offer several GMAT preparation courses to help you pass the GMAT. All our courses are given in small groups by experienced teachers.

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Student discount

We always try to keep our courses affordable. If you are a student, you can get an extra discount on our Essential courses!

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Buy-and-sell back program

Make use of our Buy-and-sell back program: buy a complete quantitative preparation set for €110 and sell it back to us for €55,- when you are finished.

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1 on 1 tutoring

We offer 1-on-1 tutoring on both Quant and Verbal. Here you can ask all your specific questions and look over all topics that need extra attention.

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100% Customer Satisfaction

We take great pride in providing high quality courses at an affordable price. Literally every customer out of the 500+ total has indicated that our services have helped him/her. Also, they indicated they would recommend it to a friend if they were asked about preparation services for this test. Despite the fact that not every customer has achieved the score they would like! So if you’re about to take the GMAT, please ask for information. Give us a call at +31 20 2600 110, or email to

Central Teaching Locations

We try to offer training at locations near students. Therefore, our courses in Amsterdam are given at the UvA University. In Rotterdam, we’ve chosen the RSM as our primary focus. We have arranged for a teaching location at the Erasmus University. Professional teaching locations are a helpful tool in maintaining our customer satisfaction. Because of this, we can make our services accessible to many.

What courses do I need?

Typically, you’ll consider yourself to be good at math of at languages. Or neither. Or both. You should realize your score is based on both the quantitative and the verbal section. To optimize your test result, you should be performing well on both subjects. Therefore, we recommend one of our quantitative courses, and our verbal course. Are you stressed for time? See if there’s a bootcamp available in the near future. Find our courses at the sign up page, to check out available dates and times.

Premaster and MBA customers

We work with people with all sorts of backgrounds. We have services designed specifically for you if you just finished your HBO. You probably need a 550 score to go to VU University, or a 600 score to go to RSM or UvA. Looking for an MBA, and would a 650 score or 700 score be desirable? We’ll help you find the right courses and 1 on 1 help. Contact us for a personal study plan at +31 20 2600 110.


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