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(Pre)master programs

A very specific group of test takers can be found in Western Europe. In this area, the GMAT is used more for (pre)master admissions than in other region of the world. This statistic is especially true in the Netherlands, where GMAT Amsterdam is based.

If you you would like to enrol to (pre)master program, you'll often need a very high GPA or a GMAT score ranging from 550 to 630 or so. Or even up to 700, if you apply to a top university. For students, a test like the GMAT is especially challenging, as it is very different from normal exams. Therefore, new study techniques need to be applied, and a great focus should be on speed and stamina, while producing correct answers. To find out more, join our free introduction course. 

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A lot of valuable information about the GMAT can be found in our free introduction. What should you expect from the test, how do you prepare, what is the best practice material. All information is on demand available on our e-learning platform complemented with live Q&A session to answer any question you have.

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Characteristics of the GMAT Preparation Courses

  • Small groups & student discount
  • It saves you a lot of time
  • Courses are given in Amsterdam
  • Large focus on time-management and strategy
  • Very efficient and whole theory overview
  • Expert teachers with practical GMAT experience

Difficulty of the GMAT

You should know that the difficulty of the GMAT is not only about the level of difficulty of the questions, but also about the exam being a computer adaptive test. This means the questions will adapt to the level of your knowledge. The exam is mostly about putting your logics and higher reasoning skills to the test. 

It is the time pressure, combined with the length of the exam that makes the GMAT exam a battle of endurance. The minimum score required for VU Amsterdam’s Pre-Master’s program is 550. Other Dutch universities ask scores between 550 and 600, or only accept a high GPA. 

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