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What is a good GMAT score?

We are often asked: “I got a 655 score for a GMAT practice test, is that good?” First of all, practice tests are not the real thing, they can give a bit of a positive impression. And secondly, it really depends on which program you're pursuing. A 655 score could be sufficient, but in some situations it might not be. 

When assessing your own ability, keep in mind that with the introduction of GMAT Focus, the scoring differs from old GMAT scores. A 605 score is more difficult to obtain than a 600 score. 

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505 - 605 GMAT Score


In case you’re wondering why we start with 505, this is about the lowest minimum score an institution would require.  So would it be correct to say that anything above 505 is a good GMAT score? Not particularly, but it is enough to get into some institutions. But if applications exceed availability in a certain program, you will need to rise above the competition to make the cut. This is possible by achieving a higher GMAT score. One obvious way to up your GMAT game is to put more, and also more efficient hours into your GMAT preparation.

605 - 705 GMAT Score


A 605 – 705 GMAT score is of course harder to achieve. It requires more attention to preparation. A GMAT score of 605 or higher might be required to get into higher level master programs or more prestigious MBA programs. If you need a 605+ GMAT score we advise you to follow our essential courses and bootcamps. You could also look into the possibilities we have for additional courses. If you know you struggle with math, consider adding on our basic math course. Besides taking preparation courses, it’s always necessary to study by yourself too. 

705+ GMAT Score


This score requires a lot of work. Achieving a 705+ GMAT score means you score amongst the top 2% of people who take the GMAT. You can probably imagine how challenging that is. If you want to be admitted to a top institution, you need to stand out and achieve a score in the top ranks. In this case we advise to follow our preparation courses, and consider adding 1-on-1 tutoring. This allows you to tackle specific challenging subjects and receive a tailor made study program, depending on your specific needs. Get in touch to discuss your preparation plan with us. 

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