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gmat courses Oct 31, 2022

The Advanced Quantitative course will teach you how to apply knowledge of exceptions to tricky Quant questions on the GMAT. In this blog, we’ll explain how the Advanced Quantitative course is structured and how you can navigate through the different sections on the platform.

The Advanced Quantitative course

The Advanced Quantitative course consists of three main sections: preparation, timed sets, and solutions. Those of you who have followed the bootcamp course, will recognize this structure. Note that in the Advanced Quant course, there are no live sessions in which you participate.

Preparation section

In the preparation section, you will find clear and concise theory videos, followed by practice questions and solutions. Watch every theory video and complete the corresponding practice questions. If you can’t solve a question, do not look at the solution clip, but rewatch the theory video and try again. When you have completed the question, you can watch the solution clip to check your answer and get an explanation.

Timed sets

After you have familiarized yourself with the theory and feel confident in your abilities to solve trickier quant questions, you can move on to the second section: timed sets. The timed sets consist of fifteen questions. You have two minutes per question. These sets are designed to replicate the exam setting, so do not pause halfway through, but make sure you work through each set from start to finish.

Solution section

Once you have completed a timed set, you can head to the solutions section, where you will find the solution to each question as well as an explanation on how to get to that answer.

If you find yourself struggling during the first timed set, it might be a good idea to revisit the preparation videos to improve your theoretical basis, before continuing with the other timed sets. This way, you maximize your learnings in this course, so you are fully prepared to get a high score on your exam.

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