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cems mim Mar 27, 2023

Always dreamed of studying in the United States? To help you realize this dream, we will tell you everything you need to know about the prestigious CEMS Master in International Management degree at Cornell SC Johnson College of Business in the United States. Read more about Cornell SC Johnson College of Business, its CEMS international management master’s degree and the required GMAT-scores below.

Cornell SC Johnson College of Business

Cornell is a private Ivy League university and New York State's premier university. Cornell is located in Ithaca, a small town with lakes and waterfalls, organic farms and wineries, a thriving music and arts community and a year-round invigorating climate. Thanks in part to the low cost of living and close-knit community, Ithaca is consistently rated as one of the most livable cities in the United States. The city is a 4-hour drive from NYC, and there are several bus routes that take you to and from NYC to visit businesses and see the sights. Cornell claims it strives to improve the lives and livelihoods of students, the people of New York and others around the world.

CEMS Master in International Management

In the United States, the CEMS Master in International Management is offered exclusively at Cornell University as part of its MPS (Master in Professional Studies) in Applied Economics and Management programme. The CEMS Master in International Management at Cornell is an exclusive 1.5-year international management program that provides you with two degrees: a Master of International Management from the CEMS Alliance of leading international business schools and a Master of Professional Studies degree in Applied Economics and Management from the Cornell SC Johnson College of Business.

The CEMS Master in International Management is considered a prestigious supranational business curriculum and viewed by many as the best passport to a career in international business. It is therefore no surprise that the master is previously highly ranked in the QS Masters in Management ranking and The Economist Masters in Management ranking.


When you apply for the Master in Management at Cornell, your application is completely GMAT score-free and you will not be disadvantaged in the review process. You will not be asked to justify your reasons for not submitting GMAT test scores. For those who choose to submit non-required GMAT scores, the minimum required score is 600. Cornell's admissions committee uses a holistic approach to review applications and will look if you'd any quantitative experience through your resume, academic transcript, essay and letters of recommendation. The GMAT is a good way to demonstrate your quantitative competency and english proficiency to the admissions committee. Unless your grade list clearly shows that you are quantitatively competent, we advise you to strongly consider taking the GMAT. 

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