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practical gmat information Dec 21, 2022
GMAT score

The minimum required admission score for Pre-Masters, Masters, or MBAs, often varies per program or school. Chances are, when you start preparing to take the GMAT, you’re aiming for a certain score. Maybe the program you want to apply for requires a certain score, or maybe you simply aim for a high score to keep your options open. Whatever your specific situation may be, it is important to know how the GMAT is scored. That's why we will tell you everything you need to know about the GMAT score below. 

Your GMAT score is based on 3 factors:

  1. The number of questions that you have answered. Points are deducted for every question that isn’t answered.
  2. The amount of correct and incorrect answers you have given, is taken into account.
  3. The score is based on the difficulty of the questions you answered.

Because the GMAT is an adaptive test, the questions you get become harder every time you answer a question correctly. Answering a lot of difficult questions correctly will result in more points than answering the same number of easy questions correctly. To do well on the test and get a high score, you must answer a high number of questions, get a lot of correct answers, and correctly answer the more difficult questions.


It is important to note that the cumulative GMAT score is based solely on the Quantitative and Verbal sections of the GMAT. The individual scores for the Verbal and Quantitative sections range between 0–60, though scores below 6 or above 51 are very rare. These individual scores are combined and converted to a scale of 200 to 800 points, also known as your total GMAT score. To give an indication: Around 66 percent of all test-takers score between 400 and 600.

Check requirements 

Most test-takers will need to focus solely on the Verbal and Quantitative sections to get a good score. GMAT Amsterdam offers special preparation courses for these sections. However, there are schools that also assess the other components, the Writing Assessment and Integrated Reasoning section. For that reason, it is important to check what specific scores are required for the programs you are applying for. 

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