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gmat preparation Dec 21, 2022
GMAT Official Set

If you aim for a high GMAT score, we recommend using the GMAT Official Set to practice real GMAT questions during your preparation. On this page we’ll tell you everything you need to know about the GMAT Official set.

The GMAT Official Set

The GMAT Official Set has a total of 220 never-before-seen questions from past exams, which is renewed every year. It is the official guide of the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) which are the makers of the GMAT exam. The Official Set focusses on practice questions. 

The GMAT Official Set includes:

  • GMAT Official Guide. The GMAT Official Guide includes 900 practice questions, including 130 never-before-seen questions. 
  • GMAT Official Guide Quantitative Review. This book has a total of 300 unique quantitative questions from past exams. Of those questions 45 are included for the first time.
  • GMAT Official Guide Verbal Review. This book has a total of 300 unique verbal questions from past exams. Of those questions 45 are included for the first time.

In addition to the book, you will be given access to the online question bank. Here you can practice with questions and build your own practice sets.

Best study materials for practice questions

Our core philosophy: use official GMAT questions only! There is nothing better than the real deal. There are thousands of real GMAT questions available, so it’s unlikely that you will ever run out. Imitation questions are not quite the same, so why settle for anything less?  Therefore, we recommend using official materials only. This is a high-quality source of questions and unique in quality. 

Unfortunately, the theoretical explanations in the Official Set, especially for the Quantitative section, are very limited, incomplete and insufficient.

Further studying

We think the Official GMAT set is a must when preparing to achieve a decent GMAT score. During your practice, you may encounter problems with a particular section and notice that you miss some help in understanding the underlying theory. That's why we offer multiple courses, taught by experienced tutors, that will prepare you as well as possible for the GMAT exam.

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