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practical gmat information Jul 17, 2022
Validity of GMAT score

After finishing your GMAT you will receive a certain score, ranging from 200 to 800. This score can grant your admission, or up the chance you’ll be admitted, to a master or premaster program of your choice. But you’d probably like to know a bit more about the validity of your GMAT score.


It is possible to use your GMAT score in other countries than where you took the GMAT exam. The thing is that not every institution or program maintains the same minimum required GMAT score. For example an Ivy League- or MBA program will probably set the GMAT bar a lot higher than a ‘regular’ (pre) master program. Some programs won’t even require a GMAT score at all, or some will request a GRE score. So it’s always good to look into the admission requirements of the program of your choice. Around the globe there are more than 6.000 programs in total that maintain a GMAT score as part of their admission process. So in short, when using your GMAT score abroad, your score will remain valid, but again, it’s wise to check out the minimum required GMAT scores.


Now you know that using your GMAT score abroad is possible, you’ll probably ask: How long does a GMAT score remain valid? Don’t worry, you don’t have to retake the GMAT on a yearly basis. Your GMAT score will remain valid over a course of five years. However, it is also possible to request a GMAT score between five and ten years old against a certain fee. When sending your GMAT score to the institutions you want to apply to, they will receive your Official GMAT score report, which includes previous GMAT scores. So, if you retake the GMAT exam, your previous score will remain both valid and visible on your score report within five years. If you’d like to cancel your GMAT score, you should do so within 72-hours after the start of your GMAT exam. 

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