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Verbal course

The GMAT Amsterdam Verbal Course is specifically designed to help you achieve your highest possible Verbal score. It offers a complete overview of all the theory required for the two types of Verbal questions on the GMAT Focus: Critical Reasoning and Reading Comprehension. We will teach you how to analyze Verbal problems and discuss tricks and strategies to increase your answering efficiency.

The Verbal course is offered through an online platform and live sessions. The platform contains extensive preparation material for each lesson. This includes 25+ theory video’s and written key takeaways explaining the theory in a clear and structured way. You will also find 50+ practice exercises of various difficulties, with solution clips explaining correct and incorrect answers.

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Characteristics of the GMAT Verbal course

  • Development of your GMAT skills
  • Complete overview of the theory
  • Learn how to solve GMAT problems
  • Helps making your preparation structured and efficient
  • Strategy and time management
  • Learn the best tricks and shortcuts


Session 1
Critical reasoning

Online portal
  • 10 theory videos
  • 34 practice questions and solution clips
  • full recording of live session
  • Strengthen & Weaken
  • Assumption
  • Paradox & Discrepancy
  • Evaluate the Argument
  • Boldface
  • Inference
  • Complete the Argument

Session 2
Reading comprehension

Online portal
  • 13 theory videos
  • 22 practice questions and solution clips
  • full recording of live session
  • Main Idea
  • Supporting Ideas
  • Inferences
  • Application
  • Logical Structure & Organization
  • Evaluation

Live session information

The 2 live sessions of 2 hours each are taught by one of our experienced teachers. The sessions can be followed online via livestream, or you can watch the full recording in your own time. Check our live session schedule page for times and dates. 

During the live sessions you will focus on application of theory and strategy to GMAT problems. To get the most out of your live sessions, make sure you prepare well using the theory videos on our platform. 

The groups are small and interactive, allowing our tutors to teach in a comfortable setting and give you all the personal attention you need. The interactive character of the groups creates the opportunity to freely discuss problems and ask lots of questions.

For this course, you will need a GMAT Official Guide.

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