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Quantitative bootcamp

The GMAT Amsterdam Quantitative Bootcamp is specifically designed to optimize your Quant score with test day skills. It consists of 1 day of intensive Quant training and focusses on endurance, strategy, and time management. You will learn how to increase your efficiency and your chances of finding the right answer.

Our courses are offered through an online platform and live sessions. The platform contains extensive preparation for each lesson. Before the course you’ll get access to the Bootcamp on our online platform. Here you will find 50+ theory clips, which are part of our Quant curriculum. You can use these to prepare yourself and to check if you are ready for the Bootcamp. 

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Characteristics of the GMAT Quant bootcamp

  • Basic skills and knowledge are required
  • Optimize your skills & score
  • Focus on strategy and time-management
  • Big improvement in a short amount of time
  • Recapitulation of the important theory


Quant bootcamp
session 1

Online portal
  • 50+ theory videos
  • 30 practice questions and solution clips
  • full recording of live session
Lesson programme
  • Time-management strategy
  • Solution stratgies
  • Timed set 1 (15 questions)
  • Discussion set 1
  • Timed set 2 (15 questions)
  • Discussion set 2
  • Wrap-up with practical advice on how to continue studying.

Live session information

The Bootcamp starts with an explanation of strategy and time management in the GMAT. Then, we will apply the theory to real GMAT problems by completing sets of mixed questions. The Data Sufficiency questions of the Data Insights course are not included in these timed sets, even though they discussed in the quantitative course. In total, you will do 30 practice questions in mixed sets for Quant each followed by extensive discussion. Interaction is an essential part of the Bootcamp, and you are encouraged to ask all sorts of questions. Further, your performance is tracked using a data chart. This summarizes your performance during the bootcamp for you.

Check our live session schedule page for times and dates. 

By the end of the Bootcamp, you will have increased your understanding of time-management and be better prepared to deal with the mix of questions you will also find on the GMAT. Therefore, the Bootcamp is the ideal way to dot the i’s, cross the t’s and optimize your GMAT score.

For this course, you will need a GMAT Official Guide.

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