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cems mim Apr 03, 2023

Here we’ll tell you everything you need to know about the The CEMS Master in International Management at Rotterdam School of Management at Erasmus University, located in the Netherlands. Learn more about the Rotterdam School of Management, its CEMS MIM and the required GMAT scores below. 

Rotterdam School of Management

Rotterdam is home to one of the largest and busiest ports in the world and the headquarters of many multinational companies. It is an exceptionally student-friendly city with lots of affordable student housing and a vibrant nightlife with plenty of events organized by student associations. The Rotterdam School of Management consistently achieves a competitive position in national and international rankings for schools and programs. RSM is also among the 1% of business schools worldwide with Triple Crown accreditation, meaning they are accredited by all three international, independent accreditation commissions, as well as regional and independent accreditation bodies.

CEMS Master in International Management

CEMS is a global alliance of 34 leading business schools, multinational corporations and NGOs that together offer the CEMS Master in International Management. The CEMS Master in International Management is a joint degree program that can be pursued at any of the academic member schools, including Rotterdam School of Management. The master's program is specially designed for talented graduates from around the world with aspirations to pursue global careers. The CEMS Master's at Rotterdam School of Management is a two-year, full time exclusive international management program which will award you with two degrees; the MSc International Management from RSM, and the CEMS Master in International Management certificate via the CEMS Alliance.


In order to be eligible for the International Management (MScIM) / CEMS program at Rotterdam School of Management, you need to hold a BSc degree or an undergraduate degree that is comparable in level with an academic bachelor degree obtained at a Dutch research university (WO). The degree needs to be in business administration or related field, consisting of a minimum total of 60 EC in advanced courses in strategic management, marketing, supply chain management/operations, finance and accounting as well as a minimum total of 20 EC in qualitative and quantitative research methods and statistics.

If you don’t satisfy the criteria above, you’ll still have a chance to meet the requirements for the 12-months pre-master course at RSM if:

  • You have a non-Dutch (applied sciences) university bachelor diploma. In this case, you need to hand in a GMAT score above 600 to be enroll in the premaster. An above average GPA (Grade Point Average) in your own country is also required.
  • You are a Dutch student who will obtain a bachelor degree at a Dutch applied sciences university, you’ll have to prove your mastery and ambition with an unrounded GPA of 7.5.

Keep in mind that at the time of application, RSM calculates a Weighted Grade Point Average, which is based on the final 3 years of the bachelor program (also known as the main phase). It is not possible to compensate for an insufficient GPA with work experience, certificates or other non-academic experiences.

Need to do a GMAT?

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