What does a GMAT test look like

The GMAT consists of 4 sections, namely Analytical Writing Assesement, Integrated reasoning, Quantitative and Verbal section. The quantitative and verbal sections are adaptive, which means the questions get harder after giving more and more right answers. Also, there is a tight time constraint for individual questions. The test itself is held at a location in the Netherlands.

How can I schedule my exam

There are four options:

  1. Online – Schedule your exam on Create an account and log in, and follow the homepage link. It’s easy and fast.
  2. Phone – Call GMAT Customer Service in your region. You may be charged an additional service fee of US$10.
  3. Postal mail – Complete the form on and mail with your payment information. If you pay by check or money order, this is your only option.
  4. Fax – Complete the form on and fax to the number shown.
Where can I take the GMAT

You can take the test throughout the whole year in Amsterdam and Utrecht (two locations). To book a test you need to register on As soon as you are registered you can choose a test date and a test location.

  • Global Knowledge, Q-port Building, Kingsfordweg 43, 1043 GP Amsterdam.
    This location is easily reached by public transport: it is a 5-minute walk from station Sloterdijk.
  • Compu’Train, Daltonlaan 700, 3584 BK Utrecht.
    From Utrecht Centraal Station, take bus 11 to Uithof and get off at stop Rijnsweerd-Zuid (10 mins).
Is the GMAT preparation course alone sufficient to attain a high score

GMAT advises you to come well prepared to your test. Experience shows that most participants spend a substantial amount of time preparing for the test. If you come without or with limited preparation, chances are you will achieve less good results than your peers.

Is the GMAT preparation course going to give me a high score on the quantitative section

This course will help you understand and deal with the GMAT type problems and questions. It is an efficient and effective way to achieve a higher score on your GMAT test. We advise you to also prepare by yourself at home.

What can I use GMAT for

You need a GMAT to get accepted into certain master-, premaster or MBA-programmes. Depending on which university or study you are trying to get into, you need to achieve a certain score for the GMAT exam.

How much does the GMAT exam cost

Every time you take the GMAT exam, you will have to pay $250. After the exam, you can choose to send your Official GMAT Score Report to up to five programmes of your choice for free (choose wisely, because once you’ve made your selection, it is irreversible). However, you can purchase additional score reports for $28 each. There also is an Enhanced Score Report available to purchase for $24,95. This report will give you more insight in your strengths and weaknesses during the exam. If you have to do a resit, this can help you choose a new strategy.

What does GMAT mean exactly

GMAT is short for Graduate Management Admission Test. As it already says in the name, this test serves as an admission to certain business school- or university programmes.

How often can I retake the GMAT exam

Once every 16 calendar days you are allowed to take the GMAT exam. However, GMAC has set more limits for the amount of times one can take the GMAT. The exam can be taken a maximum of five times per year and up to eight times in total.

How long does the GMAT exam remain valid

The score you achieve on the GMAT exam will remain valid for five years, but the score will be available up to ten years for reporting. Please note that there are some institutions out there that maintain their own standard of validity. So, it is wise to look at the details when choosing a (pre) master or MBA.

What role does GMAC have

GMAC is the Graduate Management Admission Council (global, non-profit), which is the owner and administrator of the GMAT exam. Besides this, GMAC also provides market intelligence, research and development opportunities.

How long upfront should I prepare for the GMAT exam

There is no specific answer for this question, since it depends on what score you are aiming to achieve and how much time you have left until the exam. When taking a GMAT, we advice to start somewhere between four and ten weeks before the exam. Besides following our courses, we’d recommend that you spend about 16 hours per week on self-study.

Can I get a discount on GMAT preparation courses

We offer a discount for students. To apply for this student discount you need to have proof that you are indeed enrolled to a Dutch university, academy or graduate school.

Practical information

What is the location of my course

Courses in Rotterdam are given at the Erasmus University. Courses in Amsterdam are given either at the University of Amsterdam (Roeterseilandcomplex) or at the StudyTree Office. In the confirmation email, which you will receive three or four days prior to the start of your course, you’ll be notified of the location and the room number.

How do I get to the location of the course

Transport is your own responsibility. We like to include a map in our confirmation mail with the details of the location.

What is the delivery time of the books

If all goes right, you should have them within 2 days of ordering them.

How do I return the books you sold me

Please send an email to to receive instructions.

What is the size of the groups

The groups have at most 12 regular participants in them. Not all groups are full. Every now and then there will be an extra participant, for example, when someone missed a session, or just wants help with 1 particular subject.

Do you also give courses for the other GMAT sections

We only offer courses for the quantitative and the vebal section, as those are the two main criteria determining your final score.

Can I attend a single session

Yes. Please contact us via email at

Can I attend a session at a different time than listed

Our viewpoint is that you should try to make it on the set times. If you need to switch this, there are options. Please contact us

Can I switch courses once it has started

If you miss a session, you can take that session at another time.

When do I pay

When you register. Until your payment is complete, you have not completed your registration.

I have not paid yet, am I registered

Your registration is not completed until you have paid. If you are unable to pay via our normal payment methods, please contact us. We will arrange for your payment and completed registration.