Can I get a discount on GMAT preparation courses

We offer a discount for students. To apply for this student discount you need to have proof that you are indeed enrolled to a Dutch university, academy or graduate school.

Do I need books for the courses?

For the Basic Math, Verbal and Quantitative Courses, the study material is included in the price, you do not need additional books to participate. For the Bootcamp, you need the GMAT Official Guide, edition 2015, 2106, 2017 or 2018. To see what books we recommend for your self-study after the course, please click here.

What starting level do I need for the courses?

For the Basic Math and the Verbal Course, no previous experience is needed.

For the Quantitative Course, we recommend having basic mathematical skills, comparable to VWO 6 mathematics. You can achieve this by following the Basic Math Course or studying from the book Foundations of Math.

For the Bootcamp, you need basic GMAT skills. We recommend to follow the Verbal and Quant courses first, or spending some time studying by yourself.

Who are the courses meant for?

Our courses are for everyone who needs to pass the GMAT. What course suits you best depends on your background, your timeframe, the GMAT score you need and which phase of your GMAT preparation you’re in. Click here to read more about what course you need, or contact us for free advice.

How much time do I need to study on my own when following the courses?

This varies a lot, as it depends on your background and the GMAT score you’re aiming for. The average preparation time for the GMAT, including following the courses, is 8-16 hours per week, for 1 to 4 months. If you would like a personal advice based on your situation, please contact us.

Do I need to prepare myself for the lessons?

For the Basic Math course, no preparation is required. For the Bootcamp, the Verbal and the Quantitative Courses, we recommend that you prepare yourself for each session using the preparation documents that we provide in the confirmation emails.

Can I follow the lessons in any order?

We recommend that you follow the lessons in the order they are scheduled. However, we understand that this is not always possible. If you would like to deviate from the normal order, please contact us, and we will look into the possibilities.

Are your courses in Dutch or in English?

Our courses are in English, because the GMAT material is also in English.

Can I also attend the classes online?

Yes. Our Verbal and Quant courses are livestreamed and can be followed online. Click here to see the dates and times of the online classes.

Practical information

What is the location of my course

Courses in Rotterdam are given at the Erasmus University. Courses in Amsterdam are given either at the University of Amsterdam (Roeterseilandcomplex) or at the StudyTree Office. In the confirmation email, which you will receive three or four days prior to the start of your course, you’ll be notified of the location and the room number.

How do I get to the location of the course

Transport is your own responsibility. We like to include a map in our confirmation mail with the details of the location.

What is the delivery time of the books

If all goes right, you should have them within 2 days of ordering them.

How do I return the books you sold me

Please send an email to to receive instructions.

What is the size of the groups

The groups have at most 12 regular participants in them. Not all groups are full. Every now and then there will be an extra participant, for example, when someone missed a session, or just wants help with 1 particular subject.

Do you also give courses for the other GMAT sections

We only offer courses for the quantitative and the vebal section, as those are the two main criteria determining your final score.

Can I attend a single session

Yes. Please contact us via email at

Can I attend a session at a different time than listed

Our viewpoint is that you should try to make it on the set times. If you need to switch this, there are options. Please contact us

Can I switch courses once it has started

If you miss a session, you can take that session at another time.

When do I pay

When you register. Until your payment is complete, you have not completed your registration.

I have not paid yet, am I registered

Your registration is not completed until you have paid. If you are unable to pay via our normal payment methods, please contact us. We will arrange for your payment and completed registration.