If you would like to participate in a Pre-Master’s program in preparation for a Master in Business Administration, Entrepreneurship, Finance and Marketing at VU Amsterdam or a Master in Marketing Management, Strategy & Organisation and Leadership & Management at the UvA, or a Business Administration Master at RSM, you first need to pass the GMAT test. The GMAT is quite a hard test to pass, it is expensive and it takes a lot of time and determination to get the score you need.

You should know that the difficulty of the GMAT is not only about the level of difficulty of the questions, but also about the exam being a computer adaptive test. This means the questions will adapt to the level of your knowledge. The exam is mostly about putting your logics and higher reasoning skills to the test. It is the time pressure, combined with the length of the exam that makes the GMAT exam a battle of endurance. The minimum score required for VU Amsterdam’s Pre-Master’s program is 550. In order to be admitted to the UvA’s Pre-Master’s program, you need a GMAT score of at least 600.

GMAT Amsterdam preparation courses

Small  groups & student discount

It saves you a lot of time

Courses are given in Amsterdam

Large focus on time-management and strategy

Very efficient and whole theory overview

Expert teachers with practical GMAT experience

Free GMAT introduction lesson

Do you need to take the GMAT but are you unsure where to begin? Or are you looking for more information about everything the GMAT contains? Then our free introduction lesson is the perfect choice for you. Have a look  at this page for the next free GMAT introduction course.

Free personal advice

Are you planning to start a Pre-Master’s program at the UvA or VU Amsterdam, but are you still unsure about the GMAT and on how to prepare for it? Please let us know and we will give you free and personal advice!