If you apply for Pre-Master’s programs after graduating from a University of Applied Sciences, the minimum required  GMAT score is 600. Deadlines vary depending on the starting date of the program. Together with Sefa, the official study association linked to the UvA, we offer the courses at our most attractive prices. See for more information.

The Amsterdam Business School requires the GMAT in order to be admitted to their MBA programs. One program may require a minimum score of 600, while another requires a score of 630. For detailed and most recent information, please check

The history of the UvA dates back to 1632 and the university gained formal recognition in 1812. Nowadays, the UvA is the largest university in the Netherlands and still has university buildings all over Amsterdam which creates a unique atmosphere for students. This atmosphere is present to this day, even though efforts are being made to centralize the university’s activities to a few central locations.

UvA Faculty of Economics and Business